Kaya Buckley is a creative individual from South Los Angeles. She has been hands on with her creativity since a very young age. Growing up in South LA, it was hard for Kaya to express herself and connect with others because she was constantly silenced out, mainly due to being a Christian. As a result, Kaya decided to turn to art and her imagination in order to find her voice, who she truly was, as well as her love for Jesus. Kaya always found herself wanting to explore different aspects of art such as film, photography, creative writing, painting, and other things and having the ability to combine it with her passion for God. Years later, Kaya has made this website in order to connect with individuals such as herself to allow them to express themselves,be heard, and share their creations with the world. This website was created so others don't feel alone and so others can have a positive, safe space to be who they want to be!